Traditional Formula

Our  formulas  have  been renowned  for  centuries  for their  proper  formulation, which  arises  from  the  true understanding of the properties and  functions  of  each  herb, and  the  ways  in  which  the herbs  relate  to  and  affect  one another.   This  is  the  principle of  a  proper  herbal  formula, which  will  ultimately  be absorbed by the hair, skin and body in order to attain beautiful, healthy, shiny hair and flawless skin.


The Revolutionary Line of Proprietary Herbal Essential Oil Blends

The healing powers of essential oils is one of the cornerstone elements of a spa, and what we now reveal is unlike anything you have seen so far. Orience utilizes powerful proprietary herbal essential oil blends that have been handed down for centuries and combines them with the technology and luxury of modern times to give you the most effective and prestigious essential oil line available.

Brief History of Therapeutic Essential Oils

Therapeutic essential oils date back to ancient China, where it is said that the Chinese began using aromatic oils in their medicinal practices around the same time as the Ancient Egyptians. The Chinese used aromatherapy oils primarily medicinally, but also burned the oils as part of religious tribute rituals. The Chinese were the first to expand the usage of these oils into other areas of alternative medicine, such as acupressure. They also burned aromatherapy oils when performing massage therapy practices that are still popular today.

Proprietary Herbal Blends

The practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine and essential oils travelled to Korea, where it is known that the understanding and expertise of herbal medicine was refined and expanded, using high-quality and high-potency Korean herbs.  The proprietary herbal formulas handed down through the lineage of our formulators, are rooted in the teachings of the great Dr. Heo Jun (1537/1539–1615) who was the Court Physician of the Korean Joseon Dynasty, and is one of the most revered herbologists of our time.

The Most Powerful Combination

From the moment you experience the synergistic combination of essential oils and proprietary herbal formulas, you will feel the powerful effects.

Each Essential Oil Blend contains proprietary herbal extracts that have been passed down for centuries and were once only available to the royal families of East Asia, specifically Korea. They are known as formulas created from the most perfect “recipes” available, which utilize exact proportions of the highest quality herbal ingredients to:

  • Powerfully rebalance one’s condition
  • Increase the bioavailability of the essential oils & help the body to absorb all of the powerful properties of the essential oils
  • Aid the therapist in their therapeutic treatments, while protecting and strengthening their own condition